The #FlexYourInfluence Podcast

Inbox Zero

October 05, 2020 Season 2 Episode 5
The #FlexYourInfluence Podcast
Inbox Zero
Show Notes

This episode is a two part series about Inbox Zero. In the first part we’ll look at Inbox Zero from a productivity standpoint as a business professional or business owner, and part two will be as a marketing concept.

Inbox Zero can sound like an unreachable dream to have. We’re used to seeing our inboxes with tenths, sometimes even hundreds of unopened emails, and that can really overwhelm us personally and professionally and make us feel opposite to productive. 

In this part, we’ll talk about what is Inbox Zero, what are some strategies we could use to tackle our inboxes, Inbox Zero from a marketing standpoint and so much more.


●The concept of Inbox Zero (0:36)

●How I manage my email (2:16)

●What is Inbox Zero to me (3:56)

●Why email delegation should be an integral part in your business (6:14)

●What to do if your inbox is overflown with unopened emails (11:22)

●Inbox Zero from a marketing side (13:40)

●Emails that don't catch my eye (13:52)

●About sophisticated email systems (14:03)

●Even though people are not opening your emails, they still know you exist (17:00)


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