The #FlexYourInfluence Podcast

Challenge: Say, Start, Time

October 27, 2020 Season 2 Episode 8
The #FlexYourInfluence Podcast
Challenge: Say, Start, Time
Show Notes

There are many reasons why Digital Marketing seems hard and daunting for business owners. Some of those people just don’t know how to write good content or they think that they don’t need professional help when it comes to writing social media posts, while others just don’t find time for it.

In today’s episode, we will talk about the reasons why Digital Marketing is being avoided and we will give you some great tips on how to create great content, as well as some useful strategies for tackling Digital Marketing.


●      Modern Marketing Support Group on Facebook (0:57)

●      3 Reasons people avoid Digital Marketing (2:36)

●      Why people don't know what to say in Digital Marketing (3:40)

●      Tips on how to write your content (5:29)

●      Why people don't know where to start in Digital Marketing (7:10)

●      Your database is an important piece of your conversion (14:14)

●      People don't have time for Digital Marketing (15:38)

●      Why your family member or a friend is not a right person to take care of your marketing posts (17:28)

●      How we, as an agency, solve the problems people have with Digital Marketing (20:29)





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